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Selling your used furniture is a great way to make a little extra money to put towards that new set you've got your eye on. How you choose to sell will depend largely on the amount of furniture you're looking to unload. Have a look at a few suggestions that may help you get your furniture where you need it to be. Out of your house!
Low Volume
If you're only looking to sell a few items, like a single desk or a dinning set, you've got a few similar options. First of all, you'll need to either have your items appraised, or do a little research to figure out a fair market value price. Failing to do this may result in a price that is too high that will prolong the selling of the items, or too low, which will reduce the amount of cash you get to put towards your new set. Once you've got a price in mind, you have options! Posting items online or in a newspaper are pretty good ways to go about things, as is a yard sale. Online posting is great because you can add full colour images to the posting. Yard sales are also great because potential buyers can touch and feel the items being sold.
High Volume
Posting a lot of items online or in a newspaper is a fairly labour-intensive ordeal. In addition to pricing a lot of different items, you'll need to place multiple listings. In the case of a newspaper run, it could be quite expensive as many items require many paid postings. Your best bet for selling entire rooms or even whole house contents is with a full-service content and estate sale company. Their team of professionals will come to your home and help you organize and price your furniture accordingly. For antique items or collectibles, they can even do research to help you figure out exactly what your wares are worth. The best home content sales companies will even advertise the sale online, in newspapers and magazines, and throughout your neighbourhood to ensure that a large number of potential buyers will know about and attend your sale. They will remain in your home and do crowd-control duties as well as collect money from the sales. If you're lucky enough to get a highly-reputable company, they can even allow for transactions outside of cash including credit cards, cheques and email money transfers. Once the sale is over, you can have any remaining items carted away. This is especially beneficial for those working with tighter time constraints. The best liquidators can even offer a home cleaning service once the home or room has been emptied!
Selling a single piece of furniture is easy enough, but when you have a large number of items you'd like to clear out, consider using an estate sales company. While it's true that the sale of your furniture and other items is the main point of the operation, it never hurts to have a little help in the trash hauling and home cleaning areas once the sale has concluded. If you've got a lot of stuff to sell, contact the best home content and estate sale company today!
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